Democratic Party of Puerto Rico completes Filing Period for Elective Party Positions

General Assembly will be held after the Presidential Primary election, as dictated by DPPR rules

SAN JUAN - Last Friday marked the end of the filing period for elective party positions that will comprise the new composition of the Democratic Party of Puerto Rico for the next four years, informed its president Charles Rodriguez.

The general assembly which will carry out this process will be held after the Democratic presidential primary, as dictated by the party rules that have been in force since 2008.

Rodriguez said that the COVID-19 emergency, together with the subsequent Executive Orders declaring quarantine and closing of government operations, has forced the postponement of the Democratic presidential primary and consequently the general assembly.

"In this way, and by rigorously following the party rules which provide for the selection of party officers, we are waiting to select the appropriate date of the Democratic presidential primary so that the processes that depend on it can be effectively completed," he said.

The Rules further provide that everything must be done prior to the commencement of the Democratic National Convention for August 17 in Milwaukee.

Rodriguez remains in consultation with the Democratic National Committee (DNC) to determine the course of action for the presidential primary in Puerto Rico and that of at least 19 other states, following the announcement of Senator Bernie Sanders' campaign suspension.  In the presidential primary, not only is a presidential candidate chosen, but also the pledged district delegates to any candidate who appears on the ballot are elected, if the candidate obtains 15% of the votes in any particular district. This applies even if a candidate has withdrawn from the nomination process.

Rodriguez said that there are 30 elective positions to be selected as part of the party reorganization process, beginning with the Chair, Vice Chair, National Committeewoman and National Committeeman.  There are also ten members at-large, which are evenly divided by gender, and 16 district members, two for each of the eight senatorial districts, also evenly divided by gender. A total of 83 applicants will be contesting all 30 positions to form the new Central Committee that will take office the day after the Democratic National Convention adjourns on August.

Any voter duly registered in Puerto Rico can participate in the internal reorganization process, provided the voter completes a Democratic Party affiliation form before voting.

The DNC recognizes the Island’s 58 delegates to the National Convention; a representation greater than that of 30 states or territories of the Nation.

Certification for Candidacies - Internal Reorganization